Black and Gold

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Superbowl XLV Anthem

Re-Do of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”

K.Link- All For One (Steelers Fight Song)

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The Official fight song of Steeler nation for the 2012-2013 season. Download this song on iTunes for only 89 cents. Download K.Links official mixtape “The Pressure” for free on Datpiff.

We Are The Steelers: One Game at a time to the Super Bowl!

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Song: We Are The Steelers-Black And Gold!

Myron Cope – Deck the Broncos They’re Just “Yonkos”

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Myron Cope’s classic 1984 Steelers/Broncos Christmas Carol. Deck the Broncos, they’re just “yonkos”! Fa la la la la, la la la la!

412 Official Music Video (Boom Boom Pow Steelers Remix)

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Brett Keisel – Fear the Beard – Pittsburgh Steelers Fight Song

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Pittsburgh Steelers – Brett Keisel – Fear the Beard

Official Black & Yellow Steelers Remix

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Drink Up Yinz Bitches! (Ravens Version)

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This is the Ravens version. The Super Bowl version can be found at

or type drink up xlv into the search bar.

Lets Go Steelers 2011 Song

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Performed by Cottrill
Hannah Cottrill- Drums
Brooke Cottrill- Vocals
Erica Cottrill- Vocals
Brian Cottrill- Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Let’s Go Steelers – Pittsburgh Steelers Song 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers
Here we go Steelers
Let’s go Steelers
Let’s go

The number one defense, Labeau is here to stop you
With Keisel and Hampton and Troy Polamolu

With Farrior and Woodley the blitzes are coming
James Harrison, He’s go the quarterback running

Pittsburgh Steelers
Here we go Steelers
Let’s go Steelers
Let’s go

Big Ben Roethlesberger just can’t be beat
He moves in the pocket and he’s throwing it deep

Heath Miller’s gonna catch a touchdown pass
Hines Ward knocks the safety on his back

Pittsburgh Steelers
Here we go Steelers
Let’s go Steelers
Let’s go

Maurkice Pouncey, he knocks over the D
Rashard Mendenhall, he spins and he’s free

Mike Wallace loves to get the ball
He streaks down the field and runs away from them all

Pittsburgh Steelers
Here we go Steelers
Let’s go Steelers
Let’s go

Mike Tomlin is the coach of this team
He’s got the boys playing hard, he’s got them playing mean

The team is focused on the ultimate goal
The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl

Pittsburgh Steelers
Here we go Steelers
Let’s go Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers
Here we go Steelers
Let’s go Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers We love you
Pittsburgh Steelers We love you

The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl
The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl

Renegade at the Steelers Game

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I took a video of the famous Renegade pump up song while I was working Game Day Operations for the Steelers. This video captures the exact reason why I want to work in sports and entertainment marketing. This industry has the potential to bring unlimited energy and excitement to people’s lives on a weekly basis!

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Steelers Italian Salute

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“I Salute a the Pittsburgh Steelers” was recorded by Coz Serrapere
in 1979.


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This is the official Steeler Nation National Anthem…..Steeler Nation Get Your Towels Up!! Hit us up at and let us know how you like it…Original Music by: K. Murphy, Written and Produced by: Shake E-Z and Al-Nice…Copyright (C) 2011 All Rights Reserved.

Big Benny Beat the Jets!

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Big Benny Beat the Jets Performed by Tony Impavido Here we go Steelers… Here we go!

Steelers’ Fans – Evolushun

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(Go, Here we go, here we go…)
steelers’ fans, steelers’ fans,
confident that the steelers can,
If you ask, you’ll be told,
Pittsburgh’s goin’ to the superbowl,
Watch out, here comes the steelers’ fans.

(beau, dick lebeau, dick lebeau…)
Steelers’ fans, steelers’ fans,
Polamalu…is the man,
Harrison, will be fined,
When he knocks, mark sanchez blind,
look out, steel curtain’s back again.

On a sunday night,
black and gold is the style
To the left and right
Wave your terrible towel

(ben, big bad ben, big bad ben…)
steelers’ fans, steelers’ fans,
ben to Wallace, is the plan,
mendenhall, redman keeps,
ward is blocking, chanting “heath,”
look out, here comes a touchdown dance.

(Mike, tomlin, Mike, Tomlin…)
Steelers’ fans, steelers’ fans,
seven rings for the steelers’ land,
Are we strong, listen bud,
We bleed black and gold tinted blood,
Watch out, here come the steelers’ fans.

In the chill of night,
at the scene of the game,
a familiar sight,
we arrive just the same.

(go, here we go…)
Steelers’ fans master plan,
build their own little steelers’ clan,
’round the world, now there’s troops,
you will find black and yellow groups,
Watch out, wherever you find draft beer,
there steeler nation will cheer,
You’ll find the steelers’ fans…
My steelers’ sense is tingling

Steelers Fight Song – The Men of Steel 2010 Powerhouse Mix

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buy at This is an exciting, pumped up new Steelers Song that will fire you up on gameday! Play it at drunken Steelers tailgate parties and get crazy with your yinzer friends. Please do not hurt yourself!!

Ringless- Super Bowl XLIII Steelers w/ lyrics

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arizona you hear them talk
you just cant beat the black and gold
the time is comin now you know you’ve got to go….steelers make the cardinals ringless
and we watch and witness
we’ll make the cardinals ringless

it time to tell you
how the black and gold
will be the ones you fell to
so before the steelers make all of our dreams true
let me tell you all the ways that we will beat you

now dont tell me you can handle the nation
its the black and gold its stands for domination
ay yo
when this game is over we’ll be winners
we got five rings and ya’ll just beginners

we are the champions i already told ya
ya’ll a joke all the way to arizona
black and gold is comin
i hope you sleep well
cause the steelers gonna be so dr. evil

arizona we hear the talk
you just cant beat the black and gold
the time is comin now you know you’ve got to go
to make the cardinals ringless
cause you know we know that…
we’ll make the cardinals ringless

lets get black and gold all in the ring yo
the team were facing dont mean a thing tho
its decided 6 pack to bling yo
we’ll see you in tampa bay
that we know

kirt warners older than my grandmas grandma
ya cant hang wit big ben its time to drop the hammer
cardinals comin we’ll be there to great you
it’ll be so sweet when we meet and beat you

if see’in is believe’in you got no hope
better get the nuse we’ll give you the rope
dont say we didnt warn you
cause you been told
the cardinals just cant hang wit the black and gold

arizona we hear the talk
you just cant beat the black and gold
the time is comin now you know you’ve got to go
to make the cardinals ringless
cause you know we know that
we’ll make the cardinals ringless

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl 45 XLV Song “Pittsburgh Champions” by: Boona & Decent

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Roxamore Records national recording artists Boona & Decent get together again to represent the city of Black & Gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers going to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV against the Green Bay Packers.
Produced by: Boona from Roxamore Studios Inc.
Engineered by: Roxamore Studios
Directed by: Leon Reynolds & B Nichols

We Are The Black And Gold – Steeler Nation Anthem

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Pittsburgh Steelers Anthem

Stairway To Seven – The Steelers Journey to Tampa

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Ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers Highlights 2010

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(All rights go to the NFL. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment purposes only) ♫ Music : Snowgoons (ft. Supastition) – Still Waters Run Deep Lord Lhus (ft. Planet X) – Planetary Takeover Reef And Sicknature – This Is Where The Fun Stops (Remix) Mastapiece (ft. Slaine) – Put You To Shame

Here we go Steelers 2011 playoffs

uploaded by NHthebuzz | video link

just threw this together for the game on saturday. Go Steelers!