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This is why the Steelers don’t like Roger Goodell.

This is six illegal hits by the Ravens on the Steelers, none of which was flagged, all in the past year.

They included two third downs, two concussions, a Ravens touchdown, and a broken nose. Also two on Hines Ward, on whom the Ravens have publicly stated (http://aol.it/umBaq6) they have a bounty–money for whomever injures him.

As Joey Porter once said “I felt they were cheating us…Don’t cheat us that bad. When they did that, they really want…these guys to win…They are just going to straight take it for them. I felt that they were like ‘We don’t even care if you know we’re cheating. We’re cheating for them.’” Of course, he was immediately fined.

In order, the hits are as follows:

Week 13 of 2010:
- Haloti Ngata breaks Ben Roethlisberger’s nose.
- Jameel McClain concusses Heath Miller.
- Terrell Suggs tries to tackle Ben Roethlisberger by the helmet (but fails).

2010-11 Divisional Playoffs:
- Terrell Suggs hits Ben Roethlisberger in the helmet with both hands, completely ignoring the ball. This led to a fumble which the Ravens returned for a touchdown.

2011 Week 1:
- Ed Reed tries to knock out Hines Ward.

2011 Week 9:
- Ray Lewis does knock out Hines Ward, and stops a Steeler drive in the redzone.